Courage to Love

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Courage to Love: An Anthology of Inclusive Worship Material (2002)

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9780232524055

Amazon UK: Courage to Love

Language: English

Standpoint: 1 Fully inclusive and affirming

Genre(s): Contemporary Christian practice and experience, Liturgy/worship, Memoir/autobiography, Poetry, and Spirituality

Topic(s): Inclusive Christianity and Spirituality

Courage to Love is an anthology of worship materials which allow gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender men and women to affirm their sexuality. Poems, prayers, stories, litanies, same-sex blessings, marriage ceremonies, celebratory material and eucharistic and baptismal liturgies are all represented. The pieces engage with a whole range of relevant experiences including peer group pressure, prejudice, abuse (physical and emotional) and the silence of the church. This is a resource for public worship and private devotion in the journey towards total acceptance of men and women regardless of their sexual orientation. The contributors are from all over the world, and include Richard Kirker, James Alison, Chris Glaser and Bill Kirkpatrick.

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