Gay and Lesbian Theologies

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Gay and Lesbian Theologies: Repetitions with Critical Difference (2003)

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9780754616610

Amazon UK: Gay and Lesbian Theologies

Language: English

Standpoint: 1 Fully inclusive and affirming

Genre(s): Academic writing and Theology

Topic(s): Biblical studies, Ethics, Gender identity, Inclusive Christianity, Liberation Theology, and Queer theology

Especially suitable for: Academics

Gay and lesbian theology has been one of the most distinctive voices to have emerged in Christian theology since 1970. It has placed lesbian and gay experience at the heart of the theological process. Elizabeth Stuart, one of the most prominent theologians in this field, presents a critical survey of gay and lesbian theology. She charts the development of gay and lesbian theology from an early apologetic phase, to a more confident liberationist outlook which owed much to Latin American liberation theology and feminist theology, and finally to its current wrestling with queer theory.

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