God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

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God Doesn’t Make Mistakes: Confessions of a Transgender Christian (2018)

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9781732327603

Amazon UK: God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

Language: English

Standpoint: 2 Moderately inclusive

Genre(s): Memoir/autobiography

Topic(s): Gender identity, Journeys towards acceptance, and Transgender people

Especially suitable for: Evangelicals, Those struggling to accept their sexuality or gender identity, and Transgender people

What do you do if you are an evangelical Christian, politically conservative and transgender? Evangelical Christians are often attacked by the Left. People who are transgender are often attacked by the Right. But what happens to the people who are scorned by both sides? Meet Laurie Suzanne Scott. She is both an evangelical Christian and transgender. In God Doesn’t Make Mistakes Laurie tells her story of growing up playing a role as unnatural to her as the body she was born with. She was a living, breathing dichotomy… and there was no one who could understand. She had no choice but to keep up the pretence and keep it a secret. But she knew there was no keeping it from God. Raised with a doctrine she believed condemned her, she decided the only way out of her constant misery was to end her life.

It was at that desperate crossroad she heard the voice of God simply say, “You’re okay.” Since that day, God has led her on a path to heal her deep wounds of rejection by family as well as other Christians, and make peace with the way she was created. “I thought God would be the first to reject me. But, in fact, He was the first to accept me.”

Now Laurie reaches out to Christians who are transgender, who are still struggling to believe God loves them for who they are … just as they are. Equally important are her efforts to help the Church see their Christian brothers and sisters who are transgender as simply, their Christian brothers and sisters. Nothing more, and nothing less. And finally, she shares the much needed message that God doesn’t make mistakes, and it is possible to be a conservative, a Christian, and transgender.

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