Homosexuality and Religion

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Homosexuality and Religion (2013)

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9781317823643

Amazon UK: Homosexuality and Religion

Language: English

Standpoint: 0 Not yet classified

Genre(s): Academic writing, Contemporary Christian practice and experience, and Studies in Religion

Topic(s): Discrimination against and hostility towards LGBT+ people, Same-sex relationships, and Studies in Religion

Especially suitable for: Academics, Clergy, Therapists and pastors, and Those who are undecided about the homosexuality issue

Here is a comprehensive historical overview of the recent discussions in the Judaeo-Christian religions regarding homosexuality. This wide-ranging volume features insightful new perspectives on the relationship between the church and homosexuals. Aimed at scholars, religious professionals, counsellors, and therapists, Homosexuality and Religion provides valuable information on both historical and contemporary religious thought and life and homosexuality. Some of the topics include gay and lesbian clergy, psychological/pastoral counselling for lesbians and gay men, and the church and homophobia.

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