Jesus Acted Up

book cover

Jesus Acted Up: A Gay and Lesbian Manifesto (1994)

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9780060633196

Amazon UK: Jesus Acted Up

Language: English

Standpoint: 1 Fully inclusive and affirming

Genre(s): Theology

Topic(s): Biblical studies, Discrimination against and hostility towards LGBT+ people, Inclusive Christianity, Liberation Theology, Queer theology, and Same-sex relationships

Especially suitable for: Activists and Those who are undecided about the homosexuality issue

“Contemporary Christian theological practice concerning gay men and lesbian women has not been … pertinent to their own experiences,” writes Goss, an ex-Jesuit theologian and gay activist. Drawing on the work of gay historian/philosopher Michel Foucault and other scholars, Goss sets forth a ‘queer liberation theology’ that goes beyond the notion of God’s ‘preferential option for the … poor’ to assert that God’s passion for all outcasts specifically embraces the sexually oppressed.

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