Just Love

book cover

Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics (2006)

Author(s): Margaret A Farley

Format: Hardback

ISBN-13: 9780826410016

Amazon UK: Just Love

Language: English

Standpoint: 2 Moderately inclusive

Genre(s): Academic writing and Ethics

Topic(s): Ethics and Marriage and relationships

Especially suitable for: Academics, Catholics, and Therapists and pastors

An excellent work by a leading Roman Catholic feminist and ethicist, written with flair, clarity, and absence of jargon. The many changing circumstances surrounding sexuality are well described. The influence of Foucault and Freud is critically introduced. The Christian traditions of thinking abut sex, and their indebtedness to Graeco-Roman assumptions, are helpfully summarised. This is a compassionate, very readable, Christian book, and a comprehensive introduction to Christian sexual ethics.


“I read this book because I felt that somewhere in the mass of educated humanity, someone might be able to shed an objective light on the ethics for human sexuality. Someone with a mind not born of the Middle Ages, or reactionary moralism. Having read several news stories about Sr Margaret Farley and her dustup with the powers-that-be at the Vatican, I decided to purchase the book and see what she had to offer. I wasn’t disappointed. The book is breathtaking in its sweep and perspective, and let’s be fair, this can’t be captured in a book review, and not likely even a review of several thousand words.” – Philip A Stahl

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