Out on Holy Ground

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Out on Holy Ground: Meditations on Gay Men's Spirituality (2000)

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9780829813692

Amazon UK: Out on Holy Ground

Language: English

Standpoint: 1 Fully inclusive and affirming

Genre(s): Academic writing, Contemporary Christian practice and experience, Memoir/autobiography, Spirituality, and Studies in Religion

Topic(s): Inclusive Christianity, Queer theology, Same-sex relationships, Spirituality, and Studies in Religion

Especially suitable for: Academics

Is gay spirituality a genuine type of religious expression, or is it simply another example of identity politics? Since the onset of the AIDS epidemic that has disproportionately struck their community, gay men have published a wide range of materials, from autobiographies to theologies, that ask, What is gay spirituality as a religious expression in North America? The first book to weave together these various strands into an organized response, Out on Holy Ground culls information from diverse sources both within and outside religious institutions. Gay scholar Donald Boisvert presents his findings topically as theology, myths and symbols, rituals, and spiritual culture to paint a compelling portrait of gay spirituality as a serious cultural expression. Out on Holy Ground takes the conversation about gay spirituality to the next level so we can understand spirituality as a pivotal factor in the development of gay identity.


“Combining occasional autobiographical sketches, some of them surprisingly frank, with academic scholarship, the book weaves a marvellous discussion that runs from poignant ex-seminarian reminiscences to scholarly literary criticism and socio-political analysis. In a way what Boisvert is saying is what all the books in the genre of gay spirituality are saying: there is something queer about the way gay men experience life, often with a fascination for the spiritual which directly challenges the traditional religions’ notion of truth and holiness. That what he is saying is both so original and so familiar, that it rings true to its gay readership, is evidence of the shared experience many of us have of our lives that we call spirituality.” — Colin Coward

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