The Homosexuality Debate

book cover

The Homosexuality Debate: Faith Seeking Understanding (2003)

Author(s): Catherine Sider Hamilton

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9781551263977

Amazon UK: The Homosexuality Debate

Language: English

Standpoint: 0 Not yet classified

Genre(s): Academic writing, Spirituality, and Theology

Topic(s): Biblical studies, Church order and discipline, Discrimination against and hostility towards LGBT+ people, Homosexuality in the Bible, Marriage and relationships, Pastoral issues, Same-sex relationships, Scripture/tradition/reason, and Spirituality

Especially suitable for: Academics, Anglicans, Church of England, and Those who are undecided about the homosexuality issue

A collection of essays from Anglican lay people and clergy (including former Archbishop Rowan Williams), exploring how we understand homosexuality, our faith, Scripture, and the relationship between the church, our culture, and the world.

How do we understand homosexuality? This issue touches on the foundations of Christian faith and the context in which it is lived. The authors of these essays represent a wide range of views. All express a passionate concern for the church in this time of crisis, and offer a sign of hope in this divisive debate.

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