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Witness: Gay and Lesbian Clergy Report from the Front (1999)

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9780664257873

Amazon UK: Witness

Language: English

Standpoint: 1 Fully inclusive and affirming

Genre(s): Contemporary Christian practice and experience and Memoir/autobiography

Topic(s): Accepting one's sexuality, Church order and discipline, Coming out, Healing/growing into wholeness, Journeys towards acceptance, and Pastoral issues

Especially suitable for: Clergy and Therapists and pastors

Based on interviews with gay and lesbian clergy, Dann Hazel constructs a mosaic depicting the ministry of gays and lesbians across the denominational spectrum. He poignantly describes the personal challenges these clergy face in their efforts to do constructive work in theology in order to build faith communities where gay men and lesbians can flourish spiritually.

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