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To tell us about a problem with one of the recommended books – for example, incorrect information, or that it’s not LGBT-affirming – please use the feedback form below. If you want to tell us about more than one book, please fill in a separate form for each one.

To suggest a book that you think deserves to be included on this site, please go to the ‘Suggest a book‘ page.

If you want to contact us about something else relating to this site, please use the contact form further down the page – but if you have a problem or a question, please read the FAQ first to see if it’s already been answered.

Feedback form

Please explain what you think the problem is with this book's entry, e.g. incorrect information, or not LGBTQIA+ affirming. If the information is incorrect, please give the source of the correct information in the next field, e.g. the book's Amazon URL.
This would generally be a URL from a reliable source, but you could (for example) put something like "from my own copy of the book".

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