Recommended Books List – short format

The books are listed in alphabetical order of title, all on one page (unless there are more than 999). This is a very short format, with only the title (including subtitle if there is one), author(s) and date given. For a more detailed list, click here.

Click on the book titles for full details of each book.

119: My Life As a Bisexual Christian by Jaime Sommers (2016)

An Acceptable Sacrifice?: Homosexuality and the Church by Duncan Dormor, Jeremy N Morris (2007)

The Bible, the Church and Homosexuality by Nicholas Coulton (2005)

Body Theology by James B Nelson (1992)

Closet Devotions by Richard Rambuss (1998)

Coming Out as Sacrament by Chris Glaser (1998)

Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step by Christian De la Huerta (1999)

Easter by Michael Arditti (2000)

Equal Rites: Lesbian and Gay Worship, Ceremonies, and Celebrations by Kittredge Cherry, Zalmon O Sherwood (1995)

Escaping from Fundamentalism by James Barr (1984)

The Ethics of Sex by Mark D Jordan (2001)

“For I Am Wonderfully Made”: Texts on Eastern Orthodoxy and LGBT Inclusion by Misha Cherniak, Olga Gerassimenko, Michael Brinkschröder (2016)

Gay Theology without Apology by Gary David Comstock (2009)

Gifted by Otherness: Gay and Lesbian Christians in the Church by L William Countryman, M R Ritley (2001)

Hearts & Minds: Talking to Christians About Homosexuality by Darren Main, Marc Handley Andrus (2014)

Homosexuality and Religion by Richard L Hasbany (2013)

In the Eye of the Storm by Gene Robinson (2008)

Indecent Theology by Marcella Althaus-Reid (2002)

Introducing Body Theology by Lisa Isherwood, Elizabeth Stuart (1998)

Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence by Nancy Manahan, Rosemary Keefer Curb (2013)

Liberation Theology and Sexuality by Marcella Althaus-Reid (2017)

Moral Panic: Exposing the Religious Right's Agenda on Sexuality by Theresa Murray, Michael McClure (1995)

No Ordinary Child by Jacqueline Ley (2013)

On Being Liked by James Alison (2003)

People of Passion: What the churches teach about sex by Elizabeth Stuart, Adrian Thatcher (1997)

The Queer Bible Commentary by Deryn Guest (2015)

The Queer God by Marcella Althaus-Reid (2004)

Queer Theologies: The Basics by Chris Greenough (2019)

Reasonable and Holy: Engaging Same-Sexuality by Tobias Stanislas Haller (2009)

Reimagining Christianity and Sexual Diversity in Africa by Adriaan van Klinken, Ezra Chitando (2021)

Same-sex Unions: Stories and Rites by Paul Victor Marshall (2004)

Science, Scripture, and Homosexuality by Alice Ogden Bellis, Terry L Hufford (2002)

Shameless: A sexual reformation by Nadia Bolz-Weber (2019)

Thinking Again About Marriage: Key theological questions by John Bradbury, Susannah Cornwall (editors) (2016)

This Is My Body: Hearing the Theology of Transgender Christians by Christina Beardsley, Michelle O'Brien (2016)

Trans/formations by Marcella Althaus-Reid (2013)

Transfaith: A Transgender Pastoral Resource by Chris Dowd, Christina Beardsley (2018)

Transgender. Christian. Human. by Alex Clare-Young (2019)

Unorthodox: LGBT+ Identity and Faith by Sean Richardson (2019)