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The books are listed in alphabetical order of author’s surname, 25 books per page. It will soon be possible to search and filter the book list by author, genre, topic and so on.

The ‘Especially suitable for’ line doesn’t include Christians, LGBT+ people or straight allies, as we assume that all the books will be suitable for those groups. And ‘especially‘ means just that – if, for example, a book is listed as ‘especially’ for Anglicans, that doesn’t mean it will be of no value or interest to non-Anglicans. Similarly, if a book is listed as especially suitable for academics it doesn’t mean that it’s too difficult for everyone else!

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Standpoint: 2 Moderately inclusive

Genre(s): Advice – spiritual and practical, Memoir/autobiography, Spirituality, and Theology

Topic(s): Biblical studies, Homosexuality in the Bible, and Spirituality

Ideal for individual or group use, this unique resource presents short pieces from some of the USA’s most pre-eminent church leaders in 1999 – women and men, Protestant and Catholic, mainline and evangelical – who address fundamental moral imperatives about homosexuality. Through personal testimony, factual clarification, and moral suasion, they invite the reader to open his or her heart to the Spirit, to Gospel values, and to full acceptance of gay and lesbian persons in the “family of God.”

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Gay Male Christian Couples

by Andrew K T Yip

Standpoint: 1 Fully inclusive and affirming

Genre(s): Academic writing, Contemporary Christian practice and experience, Memoir/autobiography, and Spirituality

Especially suitable for: Academics and Gay men

Documents the lived experiences of gay male Christian couples through extensive interview data to advance the understanding of same-sex partnerships and the debate on Christianity and homosexuality.

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